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Since 1977, We Design and Manufacture High Quality Steel Conveyor Belts with Low Costs.


A TRANSBANDA steel conveyor belt consists of a solid, continuous and flexible steel sheet. Starting from raw material of special characteristics and by means of several processes, it acquires properties necessary for long, satisfactory service in conveying applications as high tensile strength for long service life and edge straightness for ease of tracking within close tolerances.

Continuous Freezers

On air blast freezers with TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel belt, heat is removed from the product by contact with the belt and through convection, making this system very efficient.

Any product 12 mm (1/2”) thick or less with a flat moist surface can be frozen economically on a TRANSBANDA steel belt. Meat patties, fish fillets, shrimps, fruits and vegetables are examples of food being frozen. Advantages include continuous operation, minimal shrinkage or weight loss and easy loading and release.

The superb contact conductivity obtained with the TRANSBANDA steel belt, combined with its smooth, hard and clean surface for maximum hygiene, and the ability to slide products smoothly and cleanly from the end of the belt with minimum waste and breakage contributes to maximum operational efficiency and economy.


Continuous operation

No shrinkage or weight loss

Easy product loading and discharging

Low maintenance and operating costs

Continuous Dryers

With the addition of radiants, hot air, gas, steam, infrared or other heaters, the TRANSBANDA steel belt turns into a process dryer or heater. Fluids, colloidal suspensions, powdered or granulated materials, slurries and pastes are some of the materials that can regularly be processed on steel belt heaters and dryers.

The TRANSBANDA steel belt itself can be heated from the underside with hot air, water, steam, or radiation. Accurate temperature control, and uniformity of heating/cooling reduces tension in the product to an absolute minimum. Heating can be direct with gas or oil-fired burners, or indirect through oil or steam heated heat exchangers or electrically heated elements.


Lower production time

Accurate temperature control

Direct or indirect heating

Food Industry

TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel belts bring to the food industry all the beneficial properties of stainless steel.

They are smooth, solid, flat, hard, resilient, durable and mainly sanitary.

The smooth surface of the TRANSBANDA steel belt does not permit particles to become embedded on the belt, and therefore the amount of cleaning required is considerably lower than it would be necessary with other types of belts. Not only odors and rancid tastes have much chance to develop, but also the natural odours of products carried cannot be absorbed by the belt.

In many applications, all that is required for cleaning is a good hosing with hot water or steam.

Where corrosive cleaners are necessary to prevent organic deposits from building up, the belt remains unaffected. Chlorinated water or other cleaning agents do not harm the belt


Smooth, solid, flat, hard, resilient,

Durable, sanitary, odorless

Resistant to cleaning corrosive agents

TRANSBANDA 20500 Bake ovens

The smooth hard surface of the solid TRANSBANDA 20500 carbon steel conveyor belt
is ideal for baking products, due to its high strength, stability, remarkable wear resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, with very simple cleaning procedures to meet sanitary standards.

Each TRANSBANDA 20500 carbon steel belt, as a result of the tempering process, ensures that the belt will be perfectly flat and straight for many years of use.

These solid belts are ideal for soft sweet dough products, but other products must be baked with open areas. In these cases, we can offer our TRANSBANDA 20500 perforated carbon steel belt, which is particularly useful for cracker baking.


High strength, Stability

Remarkable wear resistance

Excellent thermal conductivity

TRANSBANDA 18500 Oil Skimmers

An innovative device used to collect the oil, before it starts to damage the environment, is the oil skimmer with a TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel conveyor belt.

Simple mechanical operation, no chemicals, economic to operate and friendly to the environment, the oil skimmer is the perfect answer to the waste oil problem.

It consists of a vertical conveyor with the steel belt operating vertically. Due to the property of the oil to stick to metallic surfaces, a moving TRANSBANDA stainless steel belt can be used to collect the spilled oil.

By surface tension, the floating oil sticks to the TRANSBANDA stainless steel belt. The principle is similar to when the oil level of a car is checked


Very simple operation and assembly

High collecting capacity with narrow belt widths

Low maintenance