A TRANSBANDA steel conveyor belt consists of a solid, continuous and flexible steel sheet. Starting from raw material of special characteristics and by means of several processes, it acquires properties necessary for long, satisfactory service in conveying applications as high tensile strength for long service life and edge straightness for ease of tracking within close tolerances.

We are proud to be one of the few world steel conveyor belts manufacturers who are able to fulfill with very strict manufacturing tolerances. This achievement makes the big difference with others who could only are able to deliver a steel strip out of tolerances in flatness, straightness and mechanical characteristics.

We are experts in steel conveyor belts manufacture, and through our experience of more than 50 years in this matter, we have gained general technical know-how in the different processes where a steel conveyor belt is used.

We share our experience with our end user customers and also with O.E.M (Other Equipment Manufacturers), so they can use our TRANSBANDA steel conveyor belts in the equipment they manufacture.

TRANSBANDA Is our Trade Mark of Steel Conveyor Belts
With more than 40 years in the National and International Markets


Aluminium Wire Casting

Used in aluminium wire rod continuous casting lines type Steel Belt and Casting Wheel, as for example Properzi, Secim, Southwire or Danieli.
Each belt is manufactured and checked individually which assures that the performance of our belts is excellent and uniform.


The self life of our belts is 8 times longer than the belts of mild steel normally used.

Lower possibilities of accidents

Remarkable Performance increasing the capacity of the line due to more operating hours per month

Meat Industry

TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel belts bring to the meat industry all the beneficial properties of stainless steel: smooth, solid, flat, hard, resilient, durable and mainly sanitary. TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel conveyor belts are extremely easy to clean and keep clean. There are no hinge-pins or connecting rods, so there is no chance of product and bacterias to build up, which makes sanitizing easier, 60% lower compared to plastic and mesh belts


100% assurance against meat contamination due to the belt

High performance and self life

Low maintenance

Chocolate Industry

TRANSBANDA 20500 carbon steel belts have sanitary surface for chocolate conveying. They do not absorb odors or tastes and there is no risk of flavor contamination when shifting from one type of chocolate to another. They provide the linkage between mixers, refiners and conches.


They do not absorb odors or tastes

Sanitary surface

They are not damaged by scrapers

Continuous Coolers

TRANSBANDA 18500 stainless steel conveyor belts are capable of high heat transfer. The underside of the stainless steel belts is spayed with water from spray nozzels that ensures uniform distribution of water and uniform temperature control.
Product conveyed does not enter in contact with the cooling medium, so contamination is avoided. The system is modular, so increased capacity is possible by simply adding modules when necessary.
Its smooth and solid surface allows to cool products that are liquid, paste, in strips or pastilles.

Enfriadores Continuos

High heat transfer

High production capacity

Long belt life